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Home everyday industrial applications


  Plate always gives the impression that the ceramic or stainless steel, with more and more applications of silicone rubber, kitchen supplies, there have been a lot of silicone products.
  Japanese household products, always gives the impression that simple, simple, natural. Simple materials, simple design, natural flavor. Always, simple is beautiful, so even this simple home design products will give the left a deep impression.
  Today small thing to introduce recognition and Japanese design is inseparable from, but not just to explain how its design is simple, but because of its material - silicone rubber
  We impression tableware ceramics is not stainless steel, these materials is almost common. But the Japanese designer Tamura Chennai designed a benefit called “Four Seasons” tableware, the material is silicone.
  Afraid, this is a tableware, health and safety do not worry. This design comes from the leaves. In fact, it looks almost the same with real leaves, each “slice” of the plate are elastic, and use a lot. Also, you will find that it can actually be rolled up, so you never have to worry no place to put the cutlery.Roll up and store the space-saving. The whole design is very simple indeed, but flowing out of the natural flavor, but it makes a long aftertaste.
  Practical and safety of a product, plus beautifully designed after some bright spots, silicone rubber material is soft, foldable, flexible, easily deformed. Relatively stable chemical properties. Remain stable at between -60 ℃ to 250 ℃, of course, also choose silicone materials have quality assurance right.
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